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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baby Dishes

Laurie at Magpie-Ethel has had a collection challenge going on for quite some time. She has fabulous collections of everything cute and fun, as well very pretty things. I asked to see her baby dishes and she of course, did not disappoint! So I decided to get mine out to show you too. This plate and creamer were made by Roseville. I imagine the juicer was made in Japan. He's all beat up, but I love him.
This little plate was a quarter the other day at an estate sale. The mug is an Uncle Wiggly mug, copyright 1924, made by Sebring Pottery for the makers of Ovaltine. On the back is a small picture and the caption, "Uncle Wiggily wants his Ovaltine".
This set is marked, made in Japan. I think it is so cute.
Then there is this cute little bowl with green checks. The best part is on the inside. I bet it worked pretty well at getting the child to finish his oatmeal or cereal, don't you? "Find the bottom..............um-m all gone".
It is marked copyright 1925, Ralston Purina Co.
I once had some others including a couple of tin ones with the alphabet around the edge. That's one of those decisions I'd like to do over. Oh well, you never know what you'll find next!


  1. How wonderful that you have your baby dishes and how precious they are. You have a nice little collection.


  2. I really love your collection...especially the Roseville pieces!

  3. I'm always drawn to baby dishes and you have a very cute collection. That little juicer is adorable.

  4. Cute bunny dishes. I like baby dishes too. judy

  5. This little dishes are adorable, and how clever you are to photograph them on the weathered chair...most effective! I've picked a few up in my thrift sotore jaunts as well, but not many show up. Another collection of mine I love is silver baby cups, engraved with names and sometimes dates. They seem to me so sweet and sad when left to go black and tossed aside...I find myself hoping this little person went on to have a long and happy life...:)

    Imagination Lane

  6. Hey Angela, so glad you stopped by. I am lovin this green chair you have. That shop is in Huntsville and it's a floral/antique/cafe shop. The owner used to set up in Canton and has always had wonderful treasures, but she's now focasing more on her floral shop and cafe and doesn't seem to carry many vintage things. It's called Shepard Hill flowers and gifts. If you pass through Huntsville, it would be worth stopping by. Have a good one, T

  7. That is the cutest little juicer! Like the new picture mix on your header.

  8. These are all so precious. I really like the set with the little chicks. I'm really liking that wonderful chippy chair, the color is so pretty.

  9. What a great collection!!!
    I have my Mom's baby dish! I just love it!

  10. oh my word - I LOVE that chippy green chair! What a great photo foundation!

  11. Aw, these little baby dishes are adorable. I have a couple with Beatrix Potter's characters on them.


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