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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Butterflies, Birds, and Flowers

None of these are vintage treasures, but I can see them being used in vintage crafting. I whine to myself about never finding vintage wallpaper. This was at my favorite thrift store for 50 cents a roll yesterday. The colors and the birds give it that sort of a look to me. The butterflies came from Dollar Tree. They are so glittery and have rhinestones!! I think they will make beautiful package trims if I don't use them for something else. This cute little bunch of flowers was found at a moving sale at a floral shop for 80% off. Join me at Faded Charm for White Wednesday. There are so many beautiful posts!


  1. Great finds! I LOVE the bird wall paper. And it looks beautiful with the great butterflies.
    Patricia :o)

  2. Angela that paper is beautiful and those butterflies look great with it. Nice finds!

  3. That wallpaper is beautiful, who cares how old it is!??

  4. And aren't they beautiful all together!! The wallpaper is timeless! You'll use it for a lot of things. Blessings, Diane

  5. that wallpaper is beautiful. It goes very well with the butterflies. Have not seen them in our Dollar Tree. Yours must be a better store. I do find gift bags there that are very nice.
    Have a nice Fall day,

  6. Angela, thank you for stopping by and giving a shout out today! I hope to meet you soon. ~Mindy ps. The wallpaper is wonderful.

  7. Daisies are my favorite and I love the birds!
    I finally found some wall paper too, white with cream floral stripes. The design's otay, but it's no birds. I've already used it on one project and I love the way it worked, you know, behaved in my hands.

  8. I love with anything with birds on it. Good find!


  9. I LOVE the wallpaper! It's just beautiful!!! What a deal!


  10. Oh yeah! Love that wallpaper! Perfect for vintage crafts!


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