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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall in Texas!!

Not really, but that's it in my yard! That's one of the things I love about this yard (one of the things I don't like...it's Bermuda grass which is already starting to go dormant for the winter...I like green grass). When we lived in East Texas we had a wooded lot and there was something falling out of those trees ALL.THE.TIME!! I'm sure that yard is 6" deep in leaves by now. I do miss the birds that the trees brought, but not the work. Our one little tree has grown so much in the nearly 2 years we have been here...it makes a little shade now. It is some kind of oak and will turn a pretty red and last until all the other trees around here have lost their leaves. Happy Fall and enjoy the rest of your week!!


  1. We lived in California for many years and had brown grass in the winter there, too~ here's it's brown, but buried under several FEET of white snow LOL!

  2. I'm originally from CA and had A LOT to get used to when we moved to Texas (san antonio area). We have bermuda too and it's brown so much of the year. When it's too dry in the summer, it turns brown. Then when it gets too cold in the winter, it turns brown. LOL
    Patricia :o)

  3. 2 years? you have been gone forever it seems! i am sure you do not miss the yard work! that would be a welcome respite!


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