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Friday, October 29, 2010

Eek!! It's a Spider

This is the costume I spent a couple of days on last week. It all started with a headband that I found at Cracker Barrel last month. It has a cute green and black spider with glitter and tulle and feathers. I just knew Kamryn would look adorable as a spider! Visions of a lime green tutu and lots of sparkles started dancing through my head!!

We finished it up last Saturday. I wish I would have taken some pictures as I was making it, because once she was in it, she was a moving target!! She had little cuff bracelets made with those soft stretchy elastic bands they use to make baby headbands , with glittered tulle and fancy button and bead spiders. I got some reading glasses at Dollar Tree and took the lenses out and glittered them lime green (for spider eyes). And we glittered some plastic spider rings for her fingers. Her two extra pair of arm/legs were made from a fleece remnant and attached at the shoulders and hung on fishing line.

I hope she has as much fun wearing it as Grams did making it!!


  1. What a little cutie! Her costume turned out great...aren't you a good grandma for creating something special for her :)

    I wanted my little girl, who is three, to be a pumpkin since I already had the outfit, but she would have none of that and insisted that she was going to be...and I quote..."a beautiful butterfly." Best wishes for a Happy Halloween :)

  2. Hi Angela, Thanks for visiting me.
    This costume is almost as cute as Kamryn is; what a pretty name. Love what you did with the glasses from $ Tree. I remember making costumes for my boys until they were about 6 years old. I actually still have a few of them. I guess one of these days I could bring them out for the grandkids.
    Happy Halloween to you.

  3. see looks just adorable angela!
    you are one of the most creative people i know! kam makes the cutest spider i have ever seen, well, actually the ONLY cute spider i have ever seen!

  4. She is the cutest spider I've ever seen!


  5. This turned out so cute~ she is adorable! I want glasses like those!

  6. You mentioned two of my favorite places -- Cracker Barrel (which we don't have in Oregon) and the Dollar Store (which we do). :-)

  7. Oh my gosh how adorable. I use to make all my daughter's costumes. Oh the hours I spent. I'm glad I have the photos that always showed one happy little girl with each costume. Made for a happy mom and great memories. You did good.

  8. THOSE GLASSES ARE SO CUTE!! I bet you did have fun making that. She's just as cute as she can be in that. Diane

  9. Oh Angela! This is the cutest costume of the season! I love the way you knew in your mind that little headband would become something special! Thanks always for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Elizabeth

  10. Thank you for entering my giveaway..what a lovely blog you have and such a sweet spider..I wish they all looked like that. xoxoxo

    Hugs for a great new week.

  11. What an amazing job you did and she is the cutest spider I have ever seen!!


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