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Friday, August 13, 2010

A discovery

One of my sweetie's co-workers told him that he needed to take me to a little town called Farmersville to visit their antique stores. It's not far from here. Now this town is out in the country, the downtown area isn't even on the Farm to Market road, and it has a population of 3476. I'm always up for exploring antique stores, but my sites were not set very high. We had to ask directions when we got near, because there were no signs. When we drove in we found a thriving downtown area, very well kept, and lots of people around. When we started going into stores we were so pleasantly surprised at the nice historic buildings and quality of the merchandise. The shops were nice and cool, which isn't usually the case in old buildings, in triple digit temperatures!! The prices were very good and we were told that dealers come from the larger cities in the metroplex to shop there. What a treat it was to find this great little town so close to ours!

Main Street Antiques & More was a very nice mall with more rooms every time you turned a corner.

The Shoppes at Sugar Hill is a wonderful building filled with beautiful things and is connected to the Sugar Hill Cafe. It was very large and inviting.
Here is a smaller mall with lots of good merchandise. My husband collects aviation memorabilia and he made purchases here.
We had a really good time in Farmersville. It's Audie Murphy's hometown, by the way.
We were told of a flea market on the 1st Saturday of each month. Also a sidewalk sale to accompany the flea market on the 1st Saturday in October. We'll definitely be there!! Check it out if you're in the North Texas area. It's near highway 380 and 78, east of McKinney.


  1. I am so glad you found this little piece of Heaven! What a beautiful little town. We used to have several around here full of little shops, but slowly they are closing up- guess the economy and maybe that all things go in cycles. My little town used to have 4 antique shops here, but have been closed now at least 5 years and the antique mall I worked at in the next town over closed 10 years ago. Have a great weekend! Tete

  2. Yippee, another destination! Can not wait to visit there!! So happy you found stuff, especially for your special man!! Tell him we said Hi! Have a great weekend.

    By the way, our choir is singing "the heaven medley" tomorrow....wish you guys were gonna be here!!

    Love you, terry<><

  3. So charming. Looks like my kind of town!

  4. Hi Angela... It looks like you found a treasure of a little town, very charming:-)
    Thanks for visiting!

  5. Angela, anytime your in California, your welcome to come Treasure Hunting with me. I would love the company. oxox, Diane

  6. That sounds like a great place to go and what a surprise! That makes it even better. And I remember Audie Murphy - I saw a lot of his movies. Diane

  7. Sounds like you and your sweetie had a very nice trip! I enjoy days like that with mine. :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog.


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