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Monday, August 9, 2010

Digging through the past

I was digging through some old pictures today and ran across these postcards that I bought in Paris in 1967. August 11th-13th, 1967 to be exact...I was very organized in those days and always wrote on the back. Forty-three years ago this week. No wonder it seems like a lifetime ago. It was in my "other life" as my sweetie and I call our lives before each other. So much of that has faded into the past that it does almost seem like someone else lived it. That's sort of sad and glad at the same time. I started buying postcards everywhere I went while I lived in Europe (sounds nice, but it was because of the US Air Force, back in the days when every guy either enlisted or was drafted) because the weather is so dreary over there and the photos were dark. Now I like that look! Funny how time changes your prospective. Now I have a nice postcard collection and some cool vintage photos taken with a Kodak Brownie that I wish I still had!! I couldn't wait to replace it. Funny again, those NEW cameras took the pictures that are all faded now...you know, all those 70's photos. You never know how good you have it, right!! Anyway, I got sidetracked! I was so thrilled to actually see the things I'd only seen in magazines and geography books. Nineteen years old and riding all over Paris on the Metro. I couldn't believe it! L'Arc de Triomphe
This one was taken from the top of the Arc.
Dome des Invalides also called Napoleans Tome.
I started a scrapbook several years ago for those postcards and photos. I think I need to get it out and start again. These images need a proper place to rest. Someone besides me might be interested in them someday...but like the things I find at estate sales, maybe not. I'll hold out hope that a granddaughter maybe...


  1. Thank you for your comment! I am super excited that I get towork with such pretty new paper!
    Yes, you should DEFINITELY start scrapbooking again! It's very thereputic!


  2. Hi! I collect old postcards, and like you, I used to buy post cards of the places I visited because I never knew if the film would turn out ok and I wouldn't be able to go back and redo them. I have never been anywhere cool like Paris! These are great. I put mine in post card bags and then slide them into photo albums. Thanks for all your positive comments!
    Blessings- Tete

  3. i didn't know about you living in these cool places in your other life....how cool. you def need to do something cool with the photos & postcards for your grands....they will want them one day, they are way cool! and you have such a talent for that sort of thing. go for it! i miss you, way too much! when it cools down we have to try to meet up some saturday and go junking!

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  5. You have a lovely blog. I've enjoyed visiting this morning.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  6. Sounds like it was a wonderful experience, and at such a young age! How wonderful to find your pictures and postcards to bring back all those fabulous memories. :)

  7. Very nice, one can never have enough postcards in my opinion too. They mean so much when they're collected when you travel too!

  8. These postcards are wonderful and what a great idea to collect them from wherever you go. I might do that too!

    Best wishes,

  9. Angela, This is the sweetest post because it recalls days when our future was before us. Sometimes I can feel those feelings just at the edges of the person I am now. What a treasure that you have kept these wonderful images to enjoy now. I loved your curtain "hangers"! Such clever ideas to be found in this community. I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer! Elizbeth

  10. I LOVE your paris postcards, but then I love anything Paris or french related. What great memories you must have!

  11. I have really enjoyed looking at your old post cards.

    wonder how they compare to post cards today of the same place, just wondering if the places have changed.



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