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Thursday, May 13, 2010


do you have them? There I was putting on my make-up and I had one. I was thinking about the sweet little ironstone soup plate I found last weekend. I knew when I spotted it in a $1.00 bin at an antique mall that it needed a monogram in it. I brought it home and put a black letter "C" in it. It looked nice, but wasn't me...didn't belong in my house. So I grabbed my favorite colors of scrapbook paper, cut, and inked the edges...then it matched me. I didn't really know where I wanted it to go yet. Back to the vision...that plate would go in here, but where? I could see in the mirror, that narrow wall between the shower and the closet door was looking kind of bare. Then I saw it...my little soup plate right between my Pier 1 bird plate and my Hobby Lobby bird plate!! And they look so nice with my new TJMax towels!! Now my sweet Mr. C knows he's in the right bathroom.


  1. I love all three of the plates. They look terrific where you have them.

  2. Angela,
    I love the plate! It looks perfect between the 2 birds. I see by reading your blog just what you love & your favorite colors. Humm, I wish I'd had some robin's egg blue at the sale today! LOL Your button collection is awesome! I'm a button freak myself, the 'whities' as my kids call them are my personal favorite, but I'll take any I can get my hands on. It was so cool meeting you today, I'm so glad you had time after the GK's game to pop in. I'll be posting about the day as soon as I rest up! Lisa

  3. That works in there so well! I love it...for a dollar yet! I also love the other two plates.

    We are only a couple months old and would love to have you come and visit our new blog.


    We really aren't all about our jewelry, though we are busy with jewelry for a fair right now. Mostly about our life and loves!


  4. i am coveting that bottom plate, the hobby lobby one. i have the top plate in four different colors. i don't know if you knew this or not, but i love birdies also! i don't have nearly as many as you do, but i love to look at yours! bea.u.tee. ful.

  5. That C is just ideal that way! It would be pretty to spell out a word on plates too.


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