I'm like a little bird...always bringing things back to my nest

Friday, May 7, 2010

Feathered-Friends Friday...

It's not hard to find a bird in my house. They seem to be everywhere.
In the bathroom beside the body cream,
in the craft room with the paper flowers,
even sitting on a bedspring!!
Here's a few lined up under the laundry room shelf (it's dark in there),
with the grandchildrens' artwork,
and beside the tissue box.
Now here's the perfect place...right in front of a birdhouse!! Go down to the bottom of the page to see three more...


  1. Loving the birds - I have a whole bathroom decorated with vintage bird figures. Love the turquoise guy in the first and last photo.

  2. I would feel right at home with all of your birds. I love all of them. So cute. I have recently been reading a blog called Mockingbird Hill Cottage and she has the same turquoise bird in her header photo. Have you ever visited her? If not, you would probably enjoy it.


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