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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pink for Mother's Day...

I'm continuing to follow junkinjulie (mostly) on her "colors of my world" series. It's fun!! I was surprised that I couldn't find much pink. I probably have some more packed away somewhere. I bought this hat the other day at a thrift shop because I wanted the flowers to use for crafting.
I love cottage scenes.
McCoy pottery is a favorite of mine in any color.
Vintage floral basket, vintage flowers, vintage demitasse cup, and precious granddaughter all in pink!!
Happy Mother's Day!!


  1. Angela, I always enjoy looking at your collections. You find wonderful things! I wanted to wish you a happy mother's day! Twyla

  2. I've got that same McCoy piece in two sizes, I justlove it.

  3. Hi Angela!

    Love the cottage plates and mccoy!

    Happy Mother's Day!

    Thank-you for the inspiring music!

    Creative Blessings!

    love, kelee @ www.katillacshack.com

  4. Thank you for stopping by and your lovely comment about the shower. It really was more beautiful than what the photos showed. The ladies all loved it. Yes, they were blown away by the shoes. Now remember we are up in Maine, and they kept remarking that the shoes were something out of New York City! I had fun. By the way, I am drooling over your McCoy.


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