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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blue Monday (a day late)...

I might as well confess, since it is so obvious anyway...I'm always running behind. I'll spare you the excuses...and here is yesterdays post.
  • I'm joining Julie at junkinjulie in her "colors of my world" posts. Yesterday was "Blue Monday".As I looked around in my home for blue, I found that most of my blues are turquoise. I really wanted to save that for another post though. This is the bluest it gets in this house I guess!!

This is my favorite tin. I first saw them years ago pictured in magazines articles. Then I saw some in person at Round Top. They were much too high priced for me, but I dreamed of having some. One day in a little shop I found this one very cheap. It will probably be the only one I ever have...it is loved!!Here is a child's tea set. I really love old tin children's toys. I only have a few though. I'll show another child's platter and plate in today's post.


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