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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter Has Come

Winter has finally come to Texas!! This is all it takes to shut our world down! As soon as we walked in to church this morning (for the 2nd service), we were told that the 3rd service and late Sunday School had been cancelled, along with the evening services. All area schools are closed tomorrow. It seems kind of funny to those of us who have lived in places where it REALLY snows. But no one here is prepared for this and no one knows how to drive in it, so it is dangerous to be out. Besides that, it is nearly always icy along with the snow. Our new youth pastor who has lived in other areas of the country said this morning ,"Texas is the only place I've been where the snow hurts when it hits your face!".
It sure is pretty...but a couple of days will be enough for this Texas girl. I was 19 years old and on my way to live in Germany when I saw my first snow!!


  1. Hope you are warm and cozy and enjoying the view of the snow.


  2. This reminds me of living in Atlanta. A little bit of snow went along way there. :-) Hope you're enjoying it and staying warm.

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  4. Ice is so much harder to deal with than snow...I stay home when it's icy, too! Stay safe and warm! XO

  5. If you ever want more, let me know.. I'll send you some from Chicago! :)

  6. Oh my dear little bird that you are! thank you for sharing your family birdcage story with me!
    I just knew you would enjoy this birdied post.
    Thank you for your friendship :)

    Now stay close to him, as he feeds all his birds.
    Luke 1:35
    Holy is the son of God!

    lots of sisterly love

  7. Angela,
    Hope you can stop by and visit me. I have something for you on the blog.


  8. Just read your post Angela. Hope it's melted off a little. It's warmer here in Wyoming today, 45 degrees, it has been about 8 degrees in the daytime. Have a great day. Diane


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