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Saturday, January 15, 2011

In the Mood

Looking at so many of your beautiful blogs has put me in a Valentine's Day mood! There are so many Valentine and flower posts. Many are for Pink Saturday. Have you noticed all the pink tulips today on blogs? Then when I saw Two Crazy Crafters blog and the lovely vintage Valentine they shared, I decided to share some of mine too. Isn't this one cute. It has flocking on the cuffs of the boots and a little fold out so it can stand up. To Emma Marion, from Eddie, 1922. This next one has French text so I don't have a clue what it says. Anyone care to help me out?
Here it is opened up. It wouldn't flatten out enough to scan and it's much prettier than it looks in the photo. It doesn't show the 3D effect. There are four names inside...Priscil, Jacques, Wilfrid, and Pierre.
So sweet!! I think I want to start making Valentines now!


  1. Nothing out there today compares to the charm of old Valentines, the detail is just amazing. I wish I could help you out with the French. I wish I had a clue where to find my old Valentine cards...I should be out looking for them. Thanks for sharing your wonderful cards and thank you also for your kind comments about my jewelry.

  2. thank you! love your snow men that one made in japan one you found wow !

  3. The tradition of passing along Valentines Day cards is a favorite of mine. And I also enjoy the chocolate part as well...very much, possibly too much.

  4. What beautiful vintage Valentines! I wish they still made cards like that today. Have a wonderful week.

  5. I love your pretty vintage valentines. Don't you just love valentines day?


  6. angela - thanks for stopping by yesterday and commiserating with me on getting little to nothing accomplished:) it helps to know that others have days like that, too...


  7. Those are so sweet. I especially love the 1920s era Valentines. Pure whimsy!


  8. Oh, I love vintage Valentine's. Yours are lovely.

  9. You are getting me in the mood...maybe a good thing to do tomorrow when we will probably all be stuck at home together. 3-5 inches of snow coming in on top of the ice! Yippee!
    Hugs- Tete

  10. Oh wow these are so pretty! I really like vintage cards.These just look romantic.Really like your blog.

  11. Sweet Valentines!

    I've been awarded with a Stylish Blogger Award and I'm passing it on to you. Please check out my most recent post to see about accepting and passing it on. Totally up to you if you choose to participate, or not, this post was hard and alot of work! As Uncle Ben in Spiderman says, "With great power, comes great responsibility." Ha!
    Anyway, just wanted you to know in case you didn't already, I really enjoy your blog.


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