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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Snowmen on White Wednesday

This is one of my favorite Christmas finds. I hit a garage sale one day that had stacks and stacks of vintage linens. I bought lots of those and came across this wonderful snowman family in a large barrel of linens. They only wanted 5o cents for it. It is stamped Japan on the bottom. They fit right in with the rest of my snowmen I've been collecting for about 25 years now. It's so much fun to unwrap them every year! The tall one was made in Germany. The tiny one there has his original 10 cents tag marked Japan. I have a couple of the old snowglobes that no longer have liquid in them. I don't know their history...the glass is very thick and heavy.
Here are some of my ceramic snowpeople. I just love this cream and sugar fellow! His hairline crack became much more prominent after our last move. His hat is the spout for the creamer. I'm sure he once had a spoon, but I have given him a vintage chenille candycane to hold. His little friend on the right has a rather evil look on his face, but there's something about him that makes me keep him around.
I have many more, but this a sample for White Wednesday. Join me over at Faded Charm for lots of Christmasy whites!!


  1. Oh I love the quotes from the grandkids. I have my first....sam....6 mo....I am in love. Happy site you have here.

  2. What a sweet collection of snowmen! :)

  3. I collect vintage snowmen too and I'm having some major envy after seeing your snowman cream & sugar -- I've never come across one of those before. I think that little trio in the first pic is my favorite --- love them! :-)

  4. I love your snowman collection. One of my daughters collects snowmen. I just got a paper mache type one for her for Christmas, he's really cute. And I got a snowman with a bubble light that lights up for my Mother in the nursing home. You'd like both of these. They're from Victoria Trading company.. I especially love the little snowman family of yours. Diane

  5. Cute snowmen for 50 cents! I love linens to, I
    buy them all the time!

  6. OH Angela~ you have a wonderful collection...just great!! I collect snowmen, too...now I have snowman envy LOL!

  7. Oh the snowmen are so happy! Look at all their cute little faces! So sweet- hope you are having a good time playing around with your decorating!
    Hugs- Tete

  8. Your Trees are all beautiful and I love the Snowmen great collection.


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