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Monday, October 4, 2010

Pantry door

My pantry door is not so plain anymore. When Janice at Curtains In My Tree showed us some of the items she planned to sell at a flea market last week, I saw this groceries sign. Lights and whistles started going off as soon as I spotted it!! I just knew it would be the perfect thing to put on my pantry door. I've been wishing I could find an old screen door to fit, or maybe an old french door...I'd have to gather fabric of some kind to hide my mess though. This is cute now, and if the perfect door shows up I can add the sign to it! Do you like it? Janice sent the sign out so quickly and even surprised me with these goodies! She is so sweet!! I love this very old song book...well worn, just like I like things...filled with wonderful songs of the faith.
She's back from the flea market now, stop by for a visit at curtainsinmytree.blogspot.


  1. Love the sign, looks perfect!
    just found you, so glad I did.

  2. Oh Angela...I LOVE your sign...I think it's perfect, too!

  3. Perfect! And it will make you satisfied until you find just the right door. Don't you just love the old hymns! Your old song book is sweet because I'm sure it has a lot of them. Diane

  4. The sign was a hit, and soooooo glad you really liked it after you got it in the mail.

    I like old hymn books also. You can tell that one was relly used a lot.


  5. Hi, Love the sign and what a perfect spot for it too. Yes, that woman does look like she had some spunk;-)

  6. Hi Angela, thank you so much for praying for my mother in law. That means so much!!

  7. Hi there,
    It looks perfect,
    Love Kristina X

  8. I love the sign! I am going to visit Janice now. Have a nice weekend! Twyla

  9. Cool sign! I love the idea of a screen door on the pantry. But my pantry is also my laundry and I store my ironing board on the back of the door. I hate it when practicality gets in the way of fun. I should look for a neat old sign, unfortunately, "caution" or "danger" or maybe that toxic waste sign would be more appropriate for my space.

    Congratulations on the new grandbaby in the works.


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