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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Fall Y'all!!

It really does feel like Fall is close. The temperature is in the 70's and it's raining. That is thanks to Hurricane Hermine. I'm sorry for the folks who have to endure the storm, but when they hit the Mexico or Texas coast we usually get some needed rain. My color scheme is very much on the cool side and more like Spring, but I do add some Fall touches here and there. I always like birds, and I saw these cute blackbirds on someone's blog and when I found out they were from Dollar Tree, well...that was all I had to know...'cause I'm all about cheap!!
I can't seem to get good pictures of them, but they are cute...made with real feathers.
I hope your week is starting out right and you are blessed with this wonderful Fall weather!!


  1. I love your fall display. The owl is fabulous and your birds from the Dollar Tree are so cute too. Glad to hear that Hermine didn't cause too many problems for you. We sure could use some rain here.

  2. Love your Fall display with the cool blues and the blackbirds, Angela. They play off each other beautifully!

    So glad you stopped by my White Rock post...I enjoyed your story about childhood days in Corpus Christi..a city I would definitely like to see. My husband and I do like to wander. I recently posted a piece on my travel blog about a 400 km. day trip we took to Whistler Mountain on a recent Sunday instead of staying home to do yardwork...:)


  3. I am chuckling right now.
    Started to decorate for Fall - Halloween yesterday. And no, my colors are not exactly Fall colors either.
    I am trying to tie everything in with red.
    So I understand the somwhat un- Fall scheme and I like yours very much.
    Happy decorating, Evi

  4. I'll have you know I am having a hard time leaving your blog. Great pictures of fun stuff and Wonderful music! Thanks for the shout out! ~Mindy


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