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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shopping in McKinney

I ran over to McKinney to shop today. I missed my turn to go downtown and took the next street instead. It was one of those God things I think, because as I got almost to the square I saw this shop. That's the shop I saw on Valarie's blog, Glimpse of My World!! So I pulled in. It was SO. CUTE! Such cool vintage stuff and so colorful. I had a great time looking around. Her prices are really good too! Tracey was so sweet and easy to talk to. She will have lots of special plants later on when it cools off some. (It was 106 degrees AGAIN today!)
Look at this neat laundry cart...
She has some great architectural/industrial pieces. Lots of great stuff and it's arranged so well.
If you get to McKinney, be sure to go by. It is just a couple of blocks north of the square, on Tennessee.
I drove on down to the square and visited some of my favorite stores. I love Smitten and Patina Green. Today I discovered Heirlooms also. They had a lot of pretty and interesting things too. Then I went into the Antique Company Mall. There is so much to look at there. It's quite large and has lots of good dealers. They treat you right too!! When I asked the man at the desk if they had cold drinks in the store, he took me to the refrigerator and told me to take my pick and then refused to let me pay for it! ( I think Jesus had something to say about acts done for others are acts done for Him)
I always get lost for awhile in this booth.
She has great stuff, great prices, and so many little cute vintage things to craft with.
These are some other booths I enjoyed. There were many others that I didn't get photos of and my pictures don't do justice to any of them.
This is Theresa's of Garden Antiqs Vintage. I think her booth was hit hard as soon as she moved in.
This is Nancy's of Ella Elaine. She always has lots of good stuff!
McKinney is a wonderful shopping spot. There are many great shops and restaurants. If you haven't been to Lisa's blog, Tarnished and Tattered, hop over. She did a fabulous post on her trip to McKinney yesterday. She took much better photos and will have part 2 in a later post.



  2. Looks like you made a great discovery. It seems many times we find the best things when we aren't even looking for them. I am sure you will be back again.

  3. Don't you just love it when a wrong turn gets you to where you need to be...angels...junkin' angels.
    Love your blog- I visit often!
    Hugs and Blessings- Tete

  4. Great shops! My hubby and I get lost on purpose so we can explore new places and things...

    So glad you found a heart in Califronia, and some sea glass...I've seen lovely jewelry made from sea glass. I would say you've officially started a heart collection! I, too, will always be a collector...some of us are incorrigible...LOL!


  5. I'd pull in there too-how whimsical and fun! I'd like to get to shop there too!

  6. Hi Angela, nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog. It looks like we both enjoy rummaging through antique and junk shops! I wish I could have been there with you going through those places on your post. So much to see in places like that. Hope to chat with you again, have a nice weekend!

  7. Hello Angela, thanks for showing my space, I took in another load today. Maybe one day we can meet each other at the shop. Have a great weekend, Theresa

  8. Thanks for letting the blogworld know about McKinney's great finds!
    We love to have visitors...

  9. i am so ready to go back to mckinney, especially now that i know more about it. love all your photos! maybe we can come by & get YOU!!


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