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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Roger's Gardens in Corona del Mar, California

One of the first flowers I noticed was this beautiful Hydrangea. I wanted to remember the name, but...
We all kept calling to each other, "Oh, look at this!".
We had a great time and these two handsome fellows kept following us. So we decided to go home with them!! I saved the white flowers for White Wednesday! Have a great Tuesday.


  1. Hi Angela thanks so much for stopping by. I thought that those flower pots might be McCoy based on the mark on the underside but wasn't sure. I collect vintage flower pots and planters. It looks like I should take a trip to California to visit Rogers Gardens, the flowers are all so pretty.

    :) Michelle

  2. Oh Angela,
    I ADORE Rogers Gardens!!! It's my favorite nursery so filled with magic. I could literally spend a fortune there. Thanks for reminding me of so many wonderful times I've had there!!

  3. beautiful gardens... love it... ((are we neighbors))

  4. Oh my! What a little paradise! I could not leave there without buying everything! Ha!
    Thanks for visiting me! You have a lovely blog!


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