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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Estate sale whites

I got several things at an estate sale this past weekend. These are the white or actually yellowed vintage, white items. This sweet old food cover has chenille and paper insects on it.
I got two of the these bars of laundry soap so I can give one to my sister-in-law who is decorating her laundry room with vintage things. The hankies, lace, and collar were very pretty and so cheap. My favorite is this delicate little circle of lace and ribbon flowers pinned to it's card. There is a message written on the back. It says, "I bot this in 1918 to use at the top front of my slip. Mom". I love that!
Join me over at Faded Charm for all the White Wednesday posts and have a wonderful Wednesday!!


  1. Great finds! Don't you just love it when your find notes attached to vintage finds.... glimpses of the past.
    Enjoyed your music, Jesus Messiah is one of my favorite songs. Annette

  2. The lace is just beautiful- all the different shades of white and cream- and I love the graphics on those big old bars of laundry soap.

  3. Hello!!!!thank you for stopping by my blog. I thought I'd stop over and see you.
    I'm loving your music!!!
    I love the pics of all of your grandkiddos...precious.
    You found some pretty neat treasures....especially like the soap.
    I'll keep following.

  4. A wonderful Wednesday to you too Angela. I just loved the little note on the the slip flowers. The bars of soap are great! Such fun. Have a great weekend! Elizabeth

  5. Wonderful whites....love the food cover!
    Happy day!

  6. I love your whites and the written note is special. Thank you for stopping to visit me.

  7. Oh, how fun to find those treasures. I adore the food cover and the little note is just precious.

  8. Hi Angela, I did go to Hobby Lobby because of an earlier comment you had made, and Holy Cow, you were right. Christmas right where we left it 12 months ago! I couldn't bring myself to pay full price, darn they have the worst sales, but I will be checking back! Thanks for visiting. Have a lovely weekend! E

  9. Love all your treasures especially the little note.

  10. You found some very sweet things, Angela, I, too, think the little note is precious. Diane

  11. Hi Angela,
    What wonderful whites you found at the Estate Sale. The soap will be perfect for a vintage look in the laundry room and I'm a sucker for any and all old lace. To find the note on the back of that circle of lace/ribbons was bonus!!


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