I'm like a little bird...always bringing things back to my nest

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Small packages

Good things come in them, you know.Well, I excitedly opened this one, and there it was...the necklace that has my name all over it!! Isn't it wonderful? It's even better in person. The bird and eggs don't look quite as pink. It is more neutral. I wear lime green a lot and it looks great with it. Actually I think it is going to go with most things...just because I want it to!!
Thanks so much, Karen. Go for a visit to her blog, Brayton Homestead Interiors.


  1. I Love it...'Fix your hair like you just don't care.' That's just toooo cute!!!
    I love your new necklace!!! I make wire nest necklaces also, in fact I'm making some right now. I sell them at my little shop in the mountains & amazingly, they are doing pretty well right now. {pretty well means I've sold about 5, lol}
    I'll tell you though, they are fun to make. I might do a mini tutorial on my blog about how to make them...
    Have a relaxing evening!!!
    Smiles Friend,

  2. What a pretty necklace. You'll love it. There's something about getting packages from blogging friends that's just so special. Have a blessed beautiful evening. Diane

  3. Totally a fan of nests. I'm just beginning to bead and with the help of my very talented beader, sister in law, I will soon complete a nest necklace for me. Love the soft pastels in this one.


  4. I am so happy you love it!
    Was so glad when you won my giveway_ it was meant for you.
    thanks for the post and the link!!!


  5. Angela,
    That necklace is way cool! I love the little nest, I had to blow the picture up to see it better. I'd love to learn how to make those. I read some of your past posts, I need to take you to Vegas girl, your on a winning streak! Love that ME too, that quote is too funny. I need your list of estate sales too, I live in your area, never heard about a barn sale. I'm reading the wrong paper. Lisa

  6. Oh! I love it! Its a nest what a great idea! Wear it in health!!:)

  7. congrats...it is pretty, like you are.

  8. That necklace is so cute and must of been meant for you to win it (little bird).

  9. That necklace is so pretty!!! Lucky you to have won it...you are on quite a winning streak aren't you? lol. You must be doing something right!! :)
    I hope you have a beautiful day today!!

  10. That's a great necklace. Thanks for following my blog and for the lovely comment. I look forward to getting acquainted. Connie


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