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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

White Wednesday first-timer...

This is part of my family weddings shelf.

A small dresser in the hallway near the kitchen.
A cute little stand in my craft bedroom.
Another window frame on a white piesafe.
My white mantle...these pictures really show me some things that need tweaking! I definitely need a dark box inside the mantle. I also need to get busy painting my walls. We could use a little warmth in the background.
Now I'm going to try to link up to one of the White Wednesday thingies...I'm a little bit technically challenged...LOL!!.I guess a whole lot challenged, but I'm working on it.
Have a joy-filled day! Angela


  1. Yeah!!!! This is workin'!! My computer has definitely added more gray hairs to my head!
    LOVE, love, love the chippy furniture goodies you have. The dresser and mantle are just amazing! Great job on your first White Wednesday!
    big hugs,

  2. Hi Angela!

    I love your STUFF! Wow the turquoise and pink pottery! The chippy mantel is awesome!

    Thanks for popping by and your sweet email!

    love,kelee @ www.katillacshackc.om

  3. Hello Angela,

    I found you through Rie. I love your mantle and especially all of your turquoise pottery.

    ~ Tracy

  4. LOVE the faux fireplace! Thanks for stopping by my place! ;)

  5. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I had to come visit and look around your blog! I see you just started so welcome. It's so much fun. I just started in January. Hey I love that little side table in the craft room. That is a cutie!

  6. Angela, I sent you a reply to your email message early this morning. If you didn't get it, look in your spam/junk mail file. I'm happy to help you. Just get in touch again.


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