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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Vintage Christmas

I've decided why it takes me so long to decorate for Christmas. I spend too much time playing with each thing I pull out of the boxes and drawers. I REALLY love this stuff! Three of these are old corsages with built-in pins on the back. The other three were just picks to put on packages I guess. That's what we used some similar to them for when I was a kid. I especially like the one that is all tanished silver.
I don't have anyone here to ooh and ahh with me now. I moved off and left my "antique" friends. But I do have you, my "bloggy" friends who understand how special these things are...so I'm going to share them with you for the rest of this month. I hope you will enjoy them too.


  1. I'm here to support your vintage Christmas addiction. The corsages especially -- love them! I do think it's less about decorating and more about admiring and enjoying. :-) -amy

  2. I'll give you an ooh AND an ahh Angela! I could never give them up to put on a package.

  3. I love vintage corsages, too. I stick mine in the Christmas tree just like ornaments! Thank you for stopping by my blog, entering the giveaway, and following me. I appreciate it!

    Judy :)

  4. I don't always comment, but wanted you to know that your blog always makes me smile!! I love visiting and I too love vintage - just don't have any Christmas corsages - they are perfect!!!


  5. Oh I love these sorts of Christmas things too Angela. You can't find new Christmas things now quite like the vintage. The quality and charm just isn't the same. Those are keepers for sure.


  6. I do love these old vintage Christmas things, too, Angela. I'll be looking for your next ones. Diane


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