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Monday, December 12, 2011

Funky Tree Collection

Here are the largest trees in my vintage tree collection. I've had these for a lot of years. I haven't found one to add to the collection in quite a while. I can't find my vintage Christmas postcards, so that wreath looks really bare! Here are 3 more, along with my favorite little vintage snowman family.
And here are a couple more in the craft room. I have a lot of small ones too. I haven't placed them anywhere yet...still playing!
Have a fun-filled day,


  1. Love how you have your little trees in the planters.

  2. Hi Angela, I'm kinda slow with my blogging the past couple of days, but I love your snowmen and trees!! Such beautiful displays!! Thanks for sharing.

    Blessed Christmas to you and all your family!!

  3. These little trees are so cute. I remember some of those and it makes me wonder when they disappeared from the scene. Nice to see them again, you have a sweet collection. Diane

  4. What a delightful vintage tree collection you have! :) I'm sure it adds a touch of sweet whimsy into your home for the holidays! :) Thanks for sharing & thank you for stopping by my page.



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