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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hello all, I've wanted to post, but my all-in-one printer is suddenly not recognized by my computer...so I can't upload the photos I've taken. The help suggestions say disconnect then reconnect...if that doesn't help, replace the device. BIG HELP!! I hope to find a better solution! ALSO...I've won a $100 Amazon gift card and the email only said, "Thanks for your participation". My memory is not working so I don't have a clue who to thank for this terrific prize! If you can help me, I'd appreciate it. Slightly frustrated...but still very blessed, Angela


  1. I think the Texas heat has fried our brains! Bloggers are not just looking for advertising when they ask us to post their giveaway button, they are also reminders to go back and check to see if I've won, ha!

    For the last 2 weeks I have been under the mistaken notion that I was a post away from my 100th post. Duh, it's more like 10 posts away! Which is more than a month away at the rate which I post. Argh!

    Yup, the heat, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

    Hope your computer problems go away soon,

  2. Computers can be so exasperating. Can you go in and go through the steps of telling it what kind of computer you have? Other than that you might try tech support. Hope you get it figured out. At least you have a lovely blessing. Good to hear from you. Diane

  3. Oh my goodness. Your having a day like me. My computer has been such a pain, and for awhile I had problems with how my blog looked. Such fun. But we go forward. Thank you for your good thoughts, mine are sent to you. Tomorrow is always a better day. Thanks.

  4. Oh Angela...no fun. I'm the sort that might just run off and buy a new all-in-one when things like that go wrong cause I hate messing with stuff...but first I'd try unplugging and re-plugging everything, shut it all down and leave it for a bit and pray that it reboots itself and gets back to work!


  5. I despise computer problems! I hope you remember where that amazon prize came from. That's one of the best things a girl could ever win!


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