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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some Easter Collectibles

At one time I had gobs of this stuff, but I sold a lot of it. I'm sure I have some cardboard cutouts somewhere. I searched and didn't find them, but I did uncover some other cool things for later posts! Anyway...here are a few vintage items...a honeycomb basket, a candy box, and these glass eggs that someone put decals on. Being a city girl, I had to be told that the glass eggs were put in hens nests to promote laying...who knew! I love the graphics on these egg coloring boxes. They have copyright dates of 1935 and 1936.
I have a couple of vintage Easter baskets I plan to post about tomorrow.


  1. Love the graphics on the old boxes. Really special easter things to decorate with.


  2. Sweet vintage Easter things. I love the little fuzzy chicks, they're just so darn cute. Diane

  3. I'm always amazed to see how these very old decorations have survived! Such a cool basket! The old graphics are so charming! What a nice collection you have here!

  4. love the honeycomb basket with bunny I have one just like it. And I am amazed that they survived,after all they are just paper
    Thanks for sharing


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