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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One Thing Leads To Another

I couple of weeks ago I was shopping in a new-to-me place in town, and antique boutique. They have vintage things, new decorative things, and some used furniture. I spotted a couch that is similar to what I thought I would like, IF I was buying a new one. I looked at the price tag...and looked again..."Now that's my kind of price!", I thought. I sat down on it..."My sweetie would like this", I thought. The sales lady said, "Remember that we have 20% off everything today." I thought, "Hello, new couch!!"

So for $111.20 ($139.oo-27.80) we have a new couch. Sweetie still needs a pillow for his back, but he loves it. Thank you, thank you, Lord!

We got $60, plus haul-off (which is priceless!) for our old stuff. Sweetie was very happy because he thought it was worth zero $. Of course then we needed chairs. I'll just say that it is a good thing we got a screamin' deal on the couch, because the chairs, not so much. But we love them. They are taupe and cream houndstooth check and very comfy. We also ordered an ottoman...can't wait to get it.I'm a very happy camper! I'm so blessed!!


  1. Everything looks nice. How fun to get some new furniture and a deal too!


  2. LOVE it...and the chairs! I would love a new couch....perhaps I need to add that to my prayer list!! We have a not-very-old one but it is big & brown and I am not sure what we were thinking when we bought it! I want something just about like what you were blessed with, something brighter & lighter. I had blue plaid before & thought I was thru with blue, but obviously I am not ;)

  3. Very pretty and great deal, too! It's nice when you can save enough money that you feel you can splurge a little on something else. Your living room is very peaceful and pretty. Diane

  4. Awesome deal! Who could say no to all that? Love your living area. Looks so nice and comfy.
    May blessing continue for you!
    Hugs- Tete

  5. What an amazing deal! Now if you find a slipcovered sectional for under $500 would you call me?

  6. Wow, that deal would be hard to pass up! It looks great with the chairs and your pretty accessories.

  7. Great deal and your room looks so homey!

  8. Wow Angela! What a find!! I would love one just like that! And we have to do something soon! Our doggies nails are wreaking havoc on ours!!
    Thanks for stopping by today! It is great to meet you!! We definitely share a love for birds!!
    Have a joyful day!

  9. Nice buy on a great sofa. Your new baby granddaughter looks so sweet. Hope you get to see her soon.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your sweet comment.
    ~ Julie

  10. Angela, it is so good to hear from you. I can tell by your blog you still have the cute things you have always had. Thanks for coming by and stay in touch. Glad to find your blog. Hugs, Judy

  11. THAT is a *great* deal....cute, too!

  12. Congratulations on the good deal, makes you love it even more doesn't it?! I recently ordered (long overdue) new furniture for the LR. It could be here as early as next week. I'm a little nervous I'll have buyers remorse, my favorite sofa and favorite fabric were not available together.

  13. Your living room is lovely! What a refreshing place to relax!


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