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Monday, April 11, 2011

Garden Hose Wreath

I've seen a couple of wreaths made from garden hoses, and because I'm so cheap thrifty, I knew I had to make one myself. I got the old hose at a garage sale for a dollar. It was just the right length to make the wreath the size and thickness I wanted...perfect color for me too! Then I used flowers from a bush from Hobby Lobby. It was purchased with the gift cards I get from using my Hobby Lobby credit card...1/2 off because I am cheap thifty even with gift card purchases. The twigs, nest, and berries are from some garlands my sweet sister-in-love gave me.
I'm pleased with it. My sweetie, on the other hand does not see the beauty! He is usually my biggest fan, but this time he just shook his head and wanted to know why I would want to hang an old hose on the door.
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  1. I think your new spring wreath is darling!


  2. Love it!!!Yours turned out perfect!
    deb :)

  3. So wonderful. I can't believe he didn't just love it.

  4. I Love it Angela!! You did a wonderful job. My BFF made one for me several years ago and I still have it hanging on my potting shed door although I think by now it probably needs a makeover! Maybe this year.

  5. lOvE it!! i have been want to make one, we saw them all over the gift shoppes when we were on vaca in nachitoches and i keep meaning to make one but haven't gotten around to it yet! i have to tell you though...i read your post to kevan just now and he said "go ron!" ;) now i don't know if he agrees with ron or not ;) i still want to make one, i think they are perfect for a summer door! yours is really perfect for your style!

  6. Never in my life have I seen a cuter garden hose! What goes around comes around, huh, teehee!! Diane

  7. Adorable ~ you did a great job on it.

  8. That's such a fun and whimsical garden decor piece! Love it! :)

  9. I think I'm gonna be here all day and I really need to get back to my baskets. This is brilliant and now I got to add it to my to do list. My shed door is screaming for it!

    Thanks for sharing it...T :)

  10. What a fantastic spring idea....a garden hose wreath! Love it! If I get around to making one I'll post it.

  11. I love it! But I'm afraid my husband is with yours, unfortunately I don't see him being as indulgent, lucky you!
    Those grand babies are cuties!


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