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Monday, August 2, 2010

This past week's thrifting finds...

Not too much for as hot as I got finding them...it was over 100 degrees for the last few days, 108 yesterday! When you step out of the car into this heat you start melting fast. You glisten from head to toe. I guess that's how we can smile even though summer will be ending soon. The little lady that sold me the pillow cover asked it I noticed that it had a big hole in the center. I told her I did, but I didn't ask her if she noticed the wonderful handpainted roses and trim on the vintage fabric. I just handed her the 50 cents and smiled! She thought I was silly, and I guess I am...standing in the heat, paying for worn-out junk...and loving it!! I'm going to link up for the 1st time with Thrifty Treasures over at Southern Hospitality Blog. Come see all the treasures!!


  1. oohhhhh....love your treasures! I just bought a birdcage too, and I love it!
    Those dishes are beautiful!!!!

  2. Angela,
    I'm with you, who cares about a little 'ol hole. I prefer things that look like they got drug behing a truck for a few miles. LOL Lisa

  3. LOVE the galvanized bucket!!
    Great job considering the heat!


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