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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just about...

caught up on all your blogs and just about rested up from Bible School. If you really want to feel your age, try to cram too much decorating into too few hours, then show up sleep deprived, and spend over four hours each morning with 22 four year olds. The nice long weekend was so nice, wasn't it? Just what we needed. I hope you enjoyed yours. Then today my giveaway prize package arrived from Jane at Mamie Janes. That sure livened me up! What a delightful adventure. It was a huge box...quite heavy. Inside were lots of packing pellets. Under all those pellets was a vintage picnic basket completely full of goodies. There were lots of other treasures in the large box too! It was kind of like Christmas morning and an Easter egg hunt all rolled into one!!
It really took quite a while to unwrap everything. What fun!! My sweetie just grinned as I "oohed and aahed". Look at all this wonderful stuff. Vintage music and Valentines and sewing notions and lace and wonderful crochet work...vintage Christmas ornaments and tins and a hanky...
A wood carved Santa, altered photo, vintage book, framed print, cool old dominoes, great altered bottle, and photo holder. I love the snowman...he's made from a silver shaker and has a tape measure scarf...he'll be a terrific addition to my collection!!
Did you think I was done? No, there's so much more... neat little shelf with keys attached to the burlap insert, vintage photos, very sweet platter, ironstone sugar bowl, silver sugar bowl made into a pin cushion, decorated bottle of white buttons, frames, tart tins, old school bell, silver dish, pressed glass dish w/silver trim, clothespins, stencil, keys, flower frog (for my collection), clock (ditto), and I love the picture holders she makes...these are a doorknob and a stamp that says "family".
I'm sure I missed naming some of the things. I also remember that my sweetie claimed a couple of things too! A really cute little kerosene lamp (he collects them) and a cool folding ruler. He's not getting the ruler!!
I am in hog heaven!! This was like having an estate sale delivered to your doorstep. Jane you out did yourself! Thank you so much. This was super fun and I can't wait to use these goodies.


  1. My goodness! That's quite a prize package. :)

    Thanks so much for visiting FrenchGardenHouse and joining our GIVEAWAY fun! xo Lidy

  2. That was all in that basket? Wow! Can't wait to see you two...

  3. Hi Angela, WOW-you made out like a bandit on this giveaway!! Lucky you!! While you were away I had a giveaway too! Sorry you missed it, but looks like you did OK on this one! Julie

  4. my.oh.my. so much fun stuff. you have won more than anyone i know in such a short time. crazy stuff!! but since i know you in the real world i know no one deserves it more than you & your sweet self! so excited to see that you are making a cali trip. hope you soak up all the love you can. enjoy. give your better half a big ole hug (two one from my better half also). miss you both.

  5. I'm almost speechless--what a haul!!! Congratulations to you!


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