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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

White Wednesday

It always makes me a little sad to realize no one in a family places value on things like these. I think they are sweet enough to bring them home. I enjoy looking through them and sometimes finding a bit of the family story. Arthur and Fannie were married on October 16th, 1913. This little girl named Ruth must have been their daughter. The marriage license and the pigtail were saved together in this old hosiery box, inside another box of pictures.

There were a few pictures of an older couple that look to be from the 40's. It could be Arthur and Fannie by the age they look. I think the young woman must be Ruth. There are lots of pictures taken in the 50's-70's of her. Many are school pictures of her and her classes. The only one with a name identifies her as a single lady with that family name. I suppose there were no children to cherish these mementos of special times. I'll enjoy having them and using them in some special way.

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  1. Oh I love your sweet little things. I value things like this also and am always bringing things like this home with me. I found you on the white wednesday list and love your blog. I am now a follower of yours
    Thanks for sharing your precious items.

  2. Hi Angela! Thank you so much for "adopting" this family and sharing your goodies today! Have a happy WW!!

  3. Hi Angela,

    My great grandma took the time to write on the back of all the old family pictures exactly who all the people were - thankfully!


  4. I'm starting to think that it's our job to save all of these mementos that have made their way to estate sales and flea markets! That marriage license is a really beautiful piece of ephemera, and that pigtail is precious!
    Happy WW!

    You won my blog giveway necklace honoring my Mom's 88 th birthday. Thank you for becoming a follower and posting about my giveway. Can you email me your address?


  6. Very nice finds, Angela. I think sometimes it's just the end of the line for some of these family heirlooms. Chances are there was no one to pass things on. I'm adding you to my Kindred Spirits so I don't miss your posts again. Diane

  7. I'm with you! I would have saved those forever....guess that's why my attic is about to cave in..ha!

  8. congrats!! i see you won the necklace!! i can't believe you and your winning streak!! oh my!! =D i love the frogs in the last post, beautiful!!

  9. It is a little sad isn't it that no one was there to "want" these sweet mementos. Glad you found them, appreciate them and can use them for something meaningful. Love your collection from the last post. The colors are all wonderful!!!

  10. These types of things tug at my heartstrings also - love them! Thanks for stopping by my blog; hope we can meet 'in person' one day!

    Gracie's Cottage

  11. I love your whites. I have always liked old photos, and that white plater is my favorite.


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