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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Super Saturday...

Well today I had just enough time to stop at one garage sale before I had to be at a church missions conference. This one said they had glass and pottery. When I walked up under the carport, I started grabbing like crazy and found a place under the checkout table to stash my stuff while I looked. It's just a conglomeration of fun stuff and it was super cheap...that always makes it exciting for me!! The little chalkware boy and girl and the Aunt Jemima/Uncle Moses shakers were each 50 cents, and so were the boxes of straws. That dough bowl was a whopping $2.00. Can you see that little tiny meat grinder...25 cents. I didn't notice that the lid on the Spode coffeepot was not a match until I got home, but at $1.00, it wouldn't have mattered. When I looked it up online though, I was wishing it had the lid...would have been worth over $300. Oh well it's still pretty and I'm thankful for a fun day!!


  1. Hi Angela- thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your nice comments! I have enjoyed my visit to yours as well- I love your green bowl and those wonderful clocks! I'm looking forward to reading more~ I am your newest follower!

  2. Thank you for such a nice comment about the store. When I popped over to visit, I just loved your treasures that you were showing on your blog. So I had to become a follower to keep checking in what you have. Fabulous finds.

  3. Hi Angela,
    So nice to meet you! I am glad you stopped by my blog.
    Wow do you find amazing treasures or what? And the prices are certainly enough to do a happy dance about! I just love it when I can hardly contain myself until I get to the car! It's the little things that thrill me!

  4. Hi Angela, I will be near you the first of June, on June 10th and would love to meet you. I'll be heading to Judy Hill's open house in Kilgore and was wondering if you will be going to her open house of even if you've heard of it. It's a fun time to shop at her house. From there I'm heading to another sale in Terrell, same day, just in the evening. But before I head to Terrell I'm going to see if my friend Jo will open and then I'll be in Quinlan. I'll do a post on it as time nears. Let me know if you can meet at any of these places or I'll be in Canton on the 3rd. Thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of the day, Theresa

  5. I've been catching up on your last few posts and am in awe of the treasures you have been finding. It makes me think I need to start going to garage and estate sales. My husband might not agree, however :-).

  6. Oh gosh, love all the littles. I'm a sucker for any teapot, lid or not! Love it when I find a real great sale!

  7. I am loving your goodies! Especially the little Hull sunglow bowl. I collect those. Have a great day! Twyla

  8. That was quite a day! Those are great pieces; I know I would have been thrilled to bring all that home!


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