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Monday, May 31, 2010

Spur of the moment trip...

Friday around noon, I told my sweetie that this would be the perfect weekend to be at my brother and sister-in-law's house, sitting on the porch. We decided there was nothing stopping us...so after a quick phone call, we gathered up our things and hit the road. They live in New Braunfels in a wonderful house with large front and back porches. It is a little piece of paradise there! Ginny planned everything just right in the building of this home and Doug has amazing talents in the areas of landscaping and lawncare. The house was finished only 1 year ago this past February, and last year was the end of a severe drought. You wouldn't know it by looking at the yard. It's been carved right out of the limestone and merges into the natural landscape very nicely. Here's the view from the back porch. Deer can be seen circling around or laying in the shade at different times of the day.
This is from the front porch.
And just in front of this sidewalk the deer come to feed.
Saturday morning we saw the first fawn of the season being lead through the front yard. What a weekend! We had a great time. Thanks, Doug and Ginny!!


  1. looks like a great day!

    happy june ~*~


  2. oh my goodness..look at all of those deer! what a view from the porch! that place looks heavenly!

  3. i have heard tales of this place, one day i want to see pics of the layout! glad you guys took a trip down to my fav country!!

  4. How sweet! What a lucky photo to snap, the baby fawn is adorable.

  5. What beautiful countryside you visited there. Love the deer and all the greenery! How nice you're able to spend time w/family and take in all the beauty of their home.

  6. Beautiful blog Angela, I came to visit after your lovely comment. What a sweet picture of the doe and fawn - it seems so odd to me to see deer in cactus-big cactus! Beautiful front porch view, I don't blame you. I bet they love to share their home, too. Diane

  7. Its a deer party...thanks for stopping by my blog, come visit often, Dianne

    Kitsch n Stuff

  8. What fun (unless they're eating their flowers) it must be to watch those deer! Sure looks like you've found some great finds lately...have a great day!

  9. Hi Angela, I am back to say that you have won my Mary Englebreit cookbook. I made your Symphony Brownies and absolutely loved them! Thank you so very much for sharing your recipe with me. If you will e-mail me your address at elizabeth@andrus@yahoo.com, I will post your cookbook as soon as possible. Thank you again for taking a moment of your day to visit mine. Elizabeth


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