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Friday, May 21, 2010

If you wait long enough...

If you are cheap, I mean THRIFTY like me, then you see a lot of things you'd like to have, but will not pay the price to have. I just oooh and ahhh over them, but think to myself that one day I'll come across one at a garage sale. Every once in a while it happens, there is that something you've been wanting, and it's CHEAP!! I. LOVE. IT. when that happens!! Earlier this year we went to an estate sale and there wasn't a lot there, but the lady said just look around and see what you can find. So I started opening up cabinets and finding things. I asked if it was okay and she said that it was fine. Way up on a top shelf was this old McCoy bowl that I have ooohed over so many times in antique malls. I found a few other goodies too, but this was my prize...for $8.00. I really like bowls, and I really like green bowls, and I really like McCoy anything!! Then a few weeks ago at another estate sale I found this McCoy pitcher in this beautiful color (those are reflections, not dingies on it). I have 2 white ones like it, but I love it in this color. As I reached for it I hoped it would be cheap enough for me to buy. I turned it around and it was marked $4.oo. Whoo-hoo!! I had trouble saving the happy-dance for later. I usually try to restrain myself until I get down the driveway and into the street!!
When this happens, the wait has been worth it. For me the fact that I got all my stuff by searching and waiting for the right deal, makes it a little more special to me. It's part of the fun.
I hope you have fun this weekend!!


  1. yeah for you. bargains are worth the wait! I miss you & your mr. very much!! we are certainly excited about our upcoming grandbaby....can't wait to be one of the proud....maybe ours will have precious cheeks like yours!! I will be following you closly now on your blog, it made me smile just to see your jadite from the ladies tea!! <3 you.

  2. Those are some great pieces...and you got such a good deal on them...don't ya love days like that.

  3. I think I would have choked! Oh my, both of these are beoouuuttiiffulll! The pitcher has such a high sheen to it and I have never seen that particular one, stunning! Thanks for sharing it kinda made my night.:)

  4. Great finds! I agree, getting a good deal is part of the fun of the hunt, part of the story, part of the glory!


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